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How to become a parent with the diagnosis of infertility?

How to become a parent with the diagnosis of infertility?

Previously, infertility was a verdict for women and men who could not become parents by natural means. Today, reproductive medicine offers a number of solutions for this problem. IVF and donation of eggs or sperm helped thousands of married couples to make the dream of the baby a reality. Asian Egg Donor Agency Sunshine has been providing professional assistance for such patients for ten years.

A reliable solution to the problem of infertility

The agency provides an informative database of more than 500 egg donors. These are young, fertile women who want to help infertile women to become happy mothers. Patients themselves choose the appropriate candidate according to their own criteria. After a suitable donor has been selected, the agency helps to contact him and accompanies the further passage of the program to a successful result.

Why is Sunshine a safe and secure agency?

The answer is that it is a team of professionals who are recognized as the best in Asia. We understand how important and intimate the question of alternative fertilization is for the patient. Therefore, we do everything not to disappoint you:

  • individual approach to each
  • provide a full free consultation.
  • keep confidentiality
  • support the patient
  • provide professional services
  • apply high and modern technologies
  • protect the health of the patient and the donor

And as a result, we help those who wish to become parents of healthy and beautiful babies. That is why thousands of patients approached us and did not regret it.

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